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The WASHABLE NURSING PAD is either four layers of soft flannel (three white or unbleached topped by one plain, coloured or patterned) or two layers of hemp fleece topped with a layer of flannel- or either with an additional layer of waterproof PUL in the sandwich. The pad has serged edges. Flannel and hemp fleece are extremely absorbent, and they get softer with every wash. Hemp fleece also has anti-microbial properties which make it perfect for nursing pads.

The pad is approximately 4” in diameter, and it is discreet as it easily contours to the breast under a bra. Flannel and Hemp are very absorbent, yet still breathable. The Leakproof pad has a non-breathable layer, and should not be worn for long periods, however certainly has usefulness for certain short periods of time! One pad is usually sufficient to contain flow for most people, however the pads can be doubled up for those with a heavy let down, when the milk is coming in, or for days when supply is greater than demand.

  1. BulletFlannel, Hemp or Leakproof $5 per pair

Pads may also be made in smaller or larger  diameter, with fewer or more layers, in a choice of colours. We have some pads made Place a custom order using the gallery below for ideas.

Nursing Pad Gallery

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Washable Nursing Pads