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The TAG TOY is made of colourful textured pieces of cloth (fleece one side and cotton, nylon or linen on the other) with a dozen or so tags along the edges. Shapes vary- see images below. Babies are often as interested in the tag on a toy as the toy itself! The tag toy will give your little explorer lots to hang on to or safely gum on. Easily portable- ideal for the diaper bag, car or your pocket for quick entertainment. Some tags are loops, so that the tag toy can be clipped onto something so it cannot be lost. NOTE: Baby should be supervised while paying with this toy. This is NOT a crib toy.

  1. BulletTag Toys $15 each

WOOL BALLS AND PLAY FRUIT are hand felted from roving, using both wet felting and dry felting techniques. They are made from 100% wool, with a core of wool or fleece scraps.

  1. BulletWool Balls $6 each

  2. BulletFelted Play Fruit $4 each or 6 for $22

WOOL FELT PITA SANDWICH & SNACK FIXINGS are made from 100% wool felt.

  1. BulletPita Sandwich with 5 Fillings $20

  2. BulletChocolate Chip Cookie $5

  3. BulletChocolate Bar $3

  4. BulletTea Bags $2.50 each or 5 for $10

Toy stock changes constantly and items will vary

slightly as no two hand made toys are exactly the

same. Hopefully you can dig through my bins to find

the perfect toy. Or you can indicate preferences or dislikes and I will choose one that fits for you. Custom orders are accepted if you have preferences, and in

some cases a small premium may apply to cover cost

of specific materials.

MAGIC WANDS and CROWNS are made from

all kinds of fabrics and ribbons. Everyone can

use a little magic now & then. Match with a crown

that fits appox. ages 2-5. The wands and crowns

provide props for lots of imaginative play.

  1. BulletWands $12 each

  2. BulletCrowns $17 each

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Pita Sandwich with ham (or substitute white for tofu), tomato, lettuce, cheese and cucumber)