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Basic Sling Instructions

First, please read these excellent safety tips provided by the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance:


**These instructions offer some suggestions, but it is your responsibility to use this carrier safely to ensure yours & your baby’s safety.**

Front Carry

  1. BulletWith the body of the carrier in front of you, tie the waist straps (shorter straps) tightly on your hips, behind your back. Make it tight with a double knot.

  2. BulletSupporting your baby in your arms, facing in toward you, bring the body of the carrier up behind her. Place the shoulder straps (longer straps) over each shoulder. Ensure that the straps are lying flat.

  3. BulletNOTE: Do not haul the weight of baby up with the straps. If you do, the straps may eventually tear at the attachment point. Instead, support baby’s weight from underneath while lifting and tying.

  4. BulletContinue to support baby’s weight as you reach behind your back for the strap from the opposite shoulder. Cross straps behind your back, and snug them up. Bounce a little to ensure there is no slack under baby as you snug the straps down.

  5. BulletBring the straps around the front, over baby’s legs, and tie under baby’s bottom.

Backpack Carry

  1. BulletWith the body of the carrier in the back, tie the waist straps in front.

  2. BulletHold baby on your hip, then slide her around onto your back while you lean forward to support her weight. Baby should be facing into your back.

  3. BulletUse one hand to support baby, while the other brings the body of the carrier up behind baby’s back.

  4. BulletBring the shoulder straps over your shoulders, and bounce a little to snug baby up.

  5. BulletCross straps in front, bring them behind your back, over baby’s legs, and tie under baby’s bottom.

  6. BulletYou can also do this carry with the straps not crossed in the front- simply bring straps straight down. Cross in the back and tie under baby’s bottom.

Side/Hip Carry

You can tie directly on your hip, or slide a front carry over to your hip. To slide into a side carry, slip the shoulder strap off one shoulder, and move the carrier and baby around to that side. Then bring the strap up from the back, slip the opposite arm under the strap and straighten the straps. Straps should cross over the opposite arm from hip/baby.

For more ideas search “mei tai” on the web to find lots of ideas.


The Black Dog Designs SLING is based on a mei tei with some modifications. We used another sling for the first year or so but then we needed something a little sturdier. We designed and began using this model with our daughter at approximately 12 months -but it can be used much sooner- and we are still carrying  her at 30 lbs. The benefits of sling use are many: happier more easily soothed babies, advantages with cognitive and language development- and the ability to leave cumbersome strollers behind or have your hands free. Dog walking or hiking with baby in a sling is impossible with a stroller but a joy with a sling!

In fall or winter, you can dress baby warmly and use the sling over your outdoor clothes, or you can put baby right next to your body under your coat and keep her snug inside- with a Black Dog Designs coat panel on the outside!

  1. BulletSling $75

E-mail for photos of slings in stock or place a custom order.

Black Dog Designs