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The REUSABLE WIPE is approximately 8” square. This is the perfect size for wiping up messes, whether used as reusable wipes for diapering, wiping up after eating, washing in the tub, or as pocket spitty cloths. Using these instead of disposable wipes has many benefits, including: saving money, less impact on the environment, and lessening your baby’s exposure to chemicals such as the baby wipe solution. The reusable wipes can be kept dry and wetted with warm water prior to use or kept wet in a container using a home made diaper wipe solution (see below). This size can be folded in half and stacked inside most commercially available diaper wipes containers. Some people have two sets- colour coded to keep diapering wipes separate from other wipes. Reclaimed flannel is from old blankets or clothing- for the environmentally conscious. The wipe is double weight (two layers)and the edges are serged.

  1. BulletReusable wipes

        $2.50 each or 12 for $26

  1. BulletReusable wipes

       made from reclaimed flannel

        $2 each or 12 for $20

Choose your reusable wipes patterns from the examples below, or choose your own fabrics to put together your own package. If choosing fabrics, choose up to four main flannels per dozen wipes, from the print flannel page, the solid flannel page, or the reclaimed flannel page. Or suggest a main colour or preferred flannel, and indicate any strong preferences or dislikes and I can build a collection. In both options, I will choose complimentary flannel backings. I may be able to accommodate specific choices, however there may be a slight increase in price for completely custom orders.

DIAPER WIPE SOLUTION: Mix approx. 2 cups water with 15 drops tea  tree oil and 10 drops lavender oil (optional). You can soak wipes for up to a few days at a time with this solution.

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