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Ahhh.... I always have more ideas than time to create... my mind is often busy with ideas, and if you want to commission any of the following, or something that you have in mind, I will be able to make it a priority to bring the ideas to fruition!

  1. Bullet canvas floor cloths for children’s rooms, play areas or heavy traffic areas, or simply for décor

  2. Bullet custom designed glass mosaic windows for your child’s room (or             other special person/place)

  3. Bullet funky flannel pillow cases - a great older child gift when new baby arrives

  4. Bullet baby booties - with option to snap on to the bottom of footless fleece suits or pants

  5. Bullet gift or other utility sacs: denim with appliqué (give a gift in it, then it can be used to store toys or other things in it later)

Black Dog Designs 
More Products Coming Soon