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The COAT PANEL is custom made to match the style - and zipper - of your coat. The coat panel has two uses: 1) to add to your coat for the final few months of pregnancy, and 2)for sling users to carry baby inside their coat. The panel is inter-changeable between mom & dad or other carriers using coats with the same zipper (just try zipping coats together to test for a match). The panel has an outer wind proof, water resistant polyester layer, and two inner layers of fleece, either matching or complementing your coat’s outer fabric. I most often do black inner and outer fabric, although I have other inner fleece options on hand. Generally, YKK zippers are most easily matched, and on the panel I use high quality two way YKK zippers. Unfortunately not all zippers can be matched, but for those determined to use this system I have always been able to help work out a solution!

In the sling, baby is kept toasty warm against your body, and because you share body heat, you are cozy too! Paired with a one-piece fleece suit, and perhaps a few extra layers, this combination will take baby through even the coldest of winter days. The panel extends beyond the top of your coat and this  can be pulled over baby’s head to keep wind or snow out and create a warmer micro-environment around baby’s face on the really brisk days. The panel rolls down for warmer weather, with snaps to hold the roll in place.

We can usually work out the details by e-mail exchange of information. The coats I have found most easy to match are shells from MEC, and many other outer shells are the same.

  1. BulletCoat Panel - STANDARD size as pictured is $90, but prices can vary depending on materials used (ex. for a different outer fabric colour or longer panel add $10)


                                                   Coat Panel detail - tucks at the           

                                                   bottom keep it roomy for baby 

                                                   when the legs get longer

                                              Coat Panel Gallery

Black Dog Designs 
Coat Panel


zipped in


top rolled down