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Pads can be made with ProCare or polyurethane laminate (“PUL”) as a waterproof layer. Most commercially available pads use vinyl as a waterproofing fabric. 

ProCare is a waterproof fabric made from 25% polyester and 75% vinyl combination. It is much more durable and wears better than most commercially available vinyl pads. For this reason it is commonly used in hospitals and in making diapers.

PUL is an alternative to vinyl as a waterproof layer.  It is a polyester fabric laminated to a polyurethane layer. PUL is a much more stable plastic which off-gasses very little compared to vinyl. PUL also wears much better than commercially available vinyl, and it lasts longer and does not harden or crack with repeated use or washings.

Change pads measure approximately 18” x  24” and are either:

- 2 layers including a layer of flannel or fleece

& a waterproof layer of ProCare or PUL

- 3 layers including synthetic fleece, flannel &

a waterproof layer of ProCare or PUL

Mattress pads measure approximately 28” x  36” and are 3 layers including a layer of hemp or cotton fleece for absorbency sandwiched between a  layer of synthetic fleece to wick moisture and a waterproof layer of ProCare or PUL.

  1. Bullet2 layer change pad (flannel or fleece & ProCare or PUL) $18

  2. Bullet3 layer change pad (flannel, fleece & ProCare or PUL) $ 25

  3. Bulletmattress pad $40

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