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NEW CLOTHING WITH APPLIQUÉS...  See the gallery below for examples of appliqués on clothing. I have sourced beautiful hemp, soy & bamboo clothing from Effort’s Hempwear (click here to purchase this clothing without appliqués) for adults & youth (youth size approx. size 4-7). For the little ones, I also have organic cotton infant wear from MEC (6, 12, & 18 mos. and 2T).

Appliquéd clothing with basic appliqués such as fruit & veggies, leaf, cupcake or ice cream:

  1. Bulletorganic cotton infant short sleeve t-shirt (size 6, 12 & 18 mos. and 2T) $ 20

  2. Bulletorganic cotton infant short sleeve infant onesie (size 6 & 12 months) $22

  3. Bulletorganic cotton infant long sleeve infant onesie (size 6 & 12 months) $24

  4. Bullethemp youth t-shirts (size S= 4/5, M= 6/7) $20

  5. Bullethemp women’s tank tops $25

  6. Bullethemp women’s short sleeve t-shirts $30

  7. Bullethemp women’s 3/4 sleeve shirts $35

More complex appliqués such as the chickadees or custom orders such as

the barrel racing onesie pictured below may cost a bit more for the time to

make them.

RECYCLED CLOTHING WITH APPLIQUÉS... Would you like an appliqué

on a favourite piece of clothing? Or do you have a great piece of clothing with

a stain, tear or logo that you would like to hide? Please enquire about our

appliqués, which can be easily and inexpensively applied to almost any

clothing. I also have some recycled items for sale.  See some examples below.

  1. Bulletfor recycled clothing, price varies, depending on detail;

        ex. single appliquéd star or flower on your clothing $7.50

Appliquéd Clothing Gallery

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