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Black Dog Designs offers two sizes of blankets - small and large. See the images in the gallery below. We have found each blanket  has its use- please read the descriptions for details.

The SMALL BLANKET is approximately 20” square . This is standard receiving blanket size and can swaddle a newborn, or be used as a spitty blanket, cradle or or car seat blanket. They are single weight with a serged edge finish (see photos below for serged edge).

  1. BulletSmall blanket $10 each

LARGE BLANKET is approximately 42” square. This size is difficult to find in stores! This blanket can swaddle a baby up to about 9 months. It can be used as a blanket in the cradle or crib. Folded, it works well as a warmer car seat or stroller blanket. It is also great for on the go, for floor play or as an all-round blanket. The large blanket can be single weight (light - one layer of flannel) with a serged edge or double weight (heavy - two layers of flannel) with a turned and topstitched edge.

  1. BulletLarge single weight serged blanket $14 each

  2. BulletLarge double weight turned and topstitched blanket $25

The TAG BLANKET is also approximately 42” square. It has

fleece on one side and flannel on the other, and tags all around

the edge. It is wonderful for floor play, and can also be used

as a travel, stroller or car blanket.

  1. BulletTag blanket $45 each

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