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In the family...

My daughter and new-born son provide me with the inspiration for Black Dog Designs. Our home is also the base for Black Dog Carpentry & Contracting, run by my partner. When our family is not busy making things, we can most often be found out on the trails hiking or skiing, or out in our canoe- with our Black Dog.  

About Black Dog Designs

It’s about colour...

I have dabbled in other media - printmaking techniques, floor cloths, glass mosaic windows and tables, as well as textiles. The common thread is that I enjoy playing with colour. Colours in my surroundings have always been important to me- from awe inspiring colours in the natural world, to colours I choose to wear and to bring into my home. At home, I enjoy cooking in my orange kitchen, relaxing in my mossy green living room, or snuggling down at night into a comfy bed of purple! Being surrounded by bold & intense colour makes me feel good and through Black Dog Designs, I want to share this joy with babies and children and with those who love them.   

My daughter and our Black Dog, Ryka